Good things about dating ugly guys

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I made it pretty clear that I was just looking, but didn’t say much about what I was looking for. I included a few pictures and stepped back to see what would happen.I got email from a lot of guys and went on a lot of first dates (and by “dates” what I really mean is “first meetings”). Meeting for coffee or drinks the first time is preferable to meeting for dinner.After about 6 months, I revamped my profile, added some new photos, and described myself and the type of guy I was looking for in more detail.I’m sure it helped that I had gained more clarity about what I wanted, because I did begin to get better results.I thought he was joking, and displaying a good sense of humor. The ponytail was about four inches long and hung in a little curlicue down the back of his head.I spotted him walking in to the bar ahead of me and almost left, but decided that would be too rude.Even the guys that are only talking about diversifying their income streams and starting businesses abroad. I spent ten years living and working in the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley, and I can’t tell you what a culture shock it was when I first flew to Brazil and started interacting with the opposite sex.

I’m not saying he’s got to be buff or look like George Clooney; it’s OK if he’s bald or has gray hair, I’m aware of my own flaws.I had an email from one guy who said in his profile “I’m 65, look 55 and act 45” then went on to describe all the youthful things he does. He is not a deviant, and I really don’t appreciate such narrow minded thinking.” I said it nicely, but I was pissed.I’m sure it’s at least partially true, but to me he looked 70. He quickly tried to back up and recover, but that was it for me.One guy I met, who told me all about his collection of cars, mentioned over of the course of the evening that he was very conservative. Somehow we got on the subject of gay marriage, and before I could express my opinion, he went on to tell me that there was a gay couple, both doctors, who lived in his neighborhood when his kids were young. I’ve met a lot of really nice people, had some fun.He told me that he wouldn’t let his kids walk past the couple’s house because he didn’t want his kids “to witness their deviant behavior”. I met a couple guys that I dated for a short time, and one that I’m continuing to see.

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