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Gmbr sexxs

The town itself is where the Sakya “Sect” of Buddhism originated.We walked up to a nunnery – a tricky walk at altitude but very rewarding.Our driver had no spacial awareness or concept of death (so it was very funny to pass signs along the way saying “Follow traffic rules and respect life”. I miraculously had managed to fall asleep despite the rollercoaster ride being provided by the driver – it was about 1pm and we’d been up since 5am – too long awake without a rest!I suddenly awoke as we hit a bump and I got airtime from my seat – this was happening very regularly.I opened my eyes just in time to witness us rocketing through a tunnel (literally a hole knocked through the side of the mountain).We went through at about 50kmph on the dusty, potholed, bad surfaced road and we greeted by a hairpin bend.It was tough but very satisfying to reach the top – the temptation to take the bus was fought off by my stubbornness.

When we got out of the bus to take pictures, we were almost blown over – glad I bought my coat!

Unfortunately, a few of us needed to use the Natural Loo – a little bit chilly!

As soon as I saw Everest I was completely dumbfounded – it was surrounded by some almost equally high peaks which were all absolutely magnificent with the beautiful back drop of a completely blue sky.

We dropped our stuff in the Guest House – no heating, no hot or running water (in -10 (probably colder) not exactly what you want) – and begun our 3.5km trek to Base Camp.

This may sound pathetic, but with the altitude it was very hard, with many of us suffering from Altitude Sickness again, and the temperature didn’t help, added to the fact that I was wearing 4 tops, 3 jumpers, a coat, a neck warmer, a hat, gloves, two pairs of trousers and really thick socks.

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Eventually we reached Rombuk – just below Base Camp.