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KS3 Autumn Term: Year 7 students begin by learning about how to keep themselves safe when using computers.Through a range of practical activities we explore health and safety issues associated with using computers, such as RSI (repetitive strain injury), eye strain and back problems, as well as the risks associated with being online and how to minimise the risks, and what to do in the event of a problem.We teach our students not just to be savvy users of technology but how to develop their own systems and programs.We encourage creativity when solving problems, develop perseverance and team working skills and aim to inspire our students so that they want to learn for themselves.

I have written an article to help you, which explains how I think that the representation of data links the whole of Computing. While it's better to design your own scheme of work, I appreciate that some non-specialists will struggle to do so.For assessment, I used a set of skill statements adapted from the CAS progress pathways document but I don't bother with the colours or numbering the levels - I record whether the student is sometimes successful at performing the named skill, or whether than can do it confidently and consistently. The GCSE Computing MOOC was aimed at supporting students sitting OCR's GCSE in Computing J275 (last exam June 2017) The Computer Science Getting Started MOOC is an introduction to OCR's Computer Science (9-1) J276.You would normally combine these two techniques to provide in-depth defense to your application.For example, you might change all single quotation marks in a string to double quotation marks (sanitize) and then check that all the quotation marks were actually changed to double quotation marks (validate).

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