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Gayly rudatingsearch

Apart from the fusion of blood he has for centuries been moved by the same stimuli which have affected all citizens of the United States.

They argue rightly that he is a product of a vital American civilization with all its daring, its progress, its ruthlessness, and unlovely speed.

The question as to whether there exists a pure Negro art in America is warmly debated.

Many Negroes as well as Anglo-Americans admit that the so-called American Negro is no longer an African Negro.

The welding of these expressions has brought about a harmonic effect which is now influencing thoughtful musicians throughout the world.

At present there is evidenced a new movement far from academic, which plays an important technical part in the music of this and other lands.

Rather has the influence of musical stylistic traits termed Negro, spread over many nations wherever the colonies of the New World have become homes of Negro people.

Included in the plays produced her original play "Antar," written around the life of the Arabian poet, was staged in Boston under her personal direction. Hare has appeared with great success as recitalist, with William Howard Richardson, the baritone, at such educational centers as Wellesley College, Syracuse University, Albany (New York) Historical and Art Association, and elsewhere in costume recitals of music of the Orient and the Tropics.The tendency of this music is toward the development of an American symphonic, operatic and ballet school led for the moment by a few lone Negro musicians of vision and high ideals.The story of those working toward this end is herein treated.She was born in Galveston, Texas, February 16, 1874, and was graduated from the Central High School of that city.Her musical education was received at the New England Conservatory in Boston and later under private instructors among whom were Emil Ludwig, a pupil of Rubenstein, and Edwin Klahre, a pupil of Liszt.

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