Garrett hedlund dating leighton

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In November 2013, Leighton engaged to an actor, Adam Brody.They both met while filming, The Oranges, in March 2010.They’re making the same expression and they look like they could be related!I think that’s sweet and not creepy, it’s hard to explain. I doubt either of their publicists leaked the news to US Weekly, either.Leighton joined the Professional Children's School and also started working as a model with Wilhelmina, booking a Ralph Lauren campaign shot by Bruce Weber and working with then photographer (currently film maker), Sofia Coppola.

I know that sounds weird, but look at Leighton and Adam in the photo on US Weekly’s site.If he can’t be with Rachel Bilson in real life, at least he can be with another gorgeous brunette whom I like. Leighton, the other Gossip Girl star who could have easily chased after fame, but who just seems content to play the game as needed but otherwise remain low-key.She’s always struck me as very likable, normal and mature for her years, and now she’s with Adam Brody! Adam Brody and Leighton Meester, both veterans of the teen drama genre, have been secretly dating for weeks, sources confirm to Us Weekly.During his high school, using money earned from waiter gigs, he used to take classes with acting teacher Jean Fowler.Fowler worked on his speech and dialogue delivery as well as helped him understand script material.

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Leighton's ancestry includes German, Irish, Scottish, Dutch, and Welsh.

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