G dating dna

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G dating dna

A distinctive Indian type of G-P303 exists, but its prevalence is unclear. In Western Europe, one of the highest percentages is on the island of Ibiza off the eastern Spanish coast.All of the available G samples from Ibiza are typical G-P303 samples based on STR marker values.The largest subgroup in Europe based on available samples is with men having the L497 mutation.This SNP was first identified in January, 2011, in testing at 23and Me and made available for separate testing at L497 by Family Tree DNA.This category was established in April, 2010 because of the determination then, that persons with the L140 SNP mutation comprise a separate subgroup of G-P303.G-M278, G-Z6885, G-Z30503 and G-L140 are the known subgroups Persons in this category have the L140 SNP mutation.

The asterisk indicates negativity for G-P303's only subgroup.

L140 was identified at Family Tree DNA in 2009, but the determination that not all G-P303 person have this mutation was not made until April, 2010.

This mutation is located at chromosome position 7630859, and is a deletion. U1 was first identified at the University of Central Florida in 2006 but it was not described in a publication until 2009.

There are a few L13 samples available which lack these mutations, and a shared common ancestor farther back in time from the others can be presumed for these samples. The L1266 mutation was first identified at Family Tree DNA in July, 2012.

The L13/S13 SNP was first identified at the University of Central Florida in 2006 as the U13 SNP, but prior to the publication of the details of this research in 2009, the SNP was also independently identified in 2008 at Family Tree DNA in Houston, Texas, as L13 and at Ethnoancestry in England as S13 and made available for public testing. Y chromosome location rs9786706.....forward primer is GTGGTAACAGCTCCTGGTGAG.....reverse primer is TGCTGCTTTGGTTAACTGTCC..mutation involves a change from C to T. Early indications are that it encompasses a high percentage of U1 men who do not belong to U1's L13 subgroup.

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This haplogroup represents the majority of haplogroup G men in most areas of Europe west of Russia and the Black Sea.

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