Fishing dating wisconsin

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Fishing dating wisconsin

Senator Bob Kulp (R-Stratford), one of the co-sponsors, finds it important to make sure law enforcement has the means and methods to keep up with the evolution of how social media is used today.

He notes, “This bill really updates the language for our modern world and ensures law enforcement can combat this growing internet issue."What will happen to humor on social media?

Today the Queen of the Waters fly is tied more as a showpiece than for fishing.

Around the time Catskill style dry flies were gradually developing, a version known as the fanwing became popular.

What do you get when you combine romance, greed, and the internet?

Many people might claim that the legislation, if passed into law, is one more step toward government intrusion on free speech.

The co-sponsors took that argument into account and added language saying it will not apply to people who intentionally concoct a fake personality for the purposes of parody.

A picture of brothers new to Eau Claire is making its way around the World Wide Web – for a fishy reason.

You have heard of sticking your foot in your mouth, but what about a fish?

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Instead of rewriting that history here, I suggest heading over to Don Bastians blog about Queen of the Waters to read about it. After seeing these flies, I just had to post about them here.