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Edmondson ticket dating machine

This line closed in 1923 and most of the route is now a public footpath.

The station was also the junction of another railway serving the local collieries owned by the Earl of Carlisle.

Railway Ticket Dater Edmundson Ticket Dater, made in Britain. Circa 1920THE TICKET DATING PRESS At the heart of the booking office is the ticket dating press.

This is used to print or impress the date on the ticket so validating it for use.

It was started in the 1840s and named after the inventor Thomas Edmondson.

There are waiting shelters on each platform and train running information is offered by timetable poster boards and telephone (there is a public payphone on platform 2).

Step-free access is available to both platforms (which are also linked by footbridge), though the westbound platform requires a significant detour via public roads to reach from the main entrance.

They were partly printed and partly handwritten by the booking clerk, who retained the left-hand portion as a counterfoil, on which he entered the amount paid.

The part retained by the passenger had printed on it the names of the stations of arrival and departure, but the date, amount, and train by which it was available had to be entered by the clerk.

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These range from appliances that will deliver a ticket for only a single prescribed station to installations that virtually do the work of a booking office.

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