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"Everyone on the outside can tell me I'm crazy, but I lived it on the inside," Busch said, according to the Wilmington (Del.) News Journal.

"Whether she really had those relationships or not, or really did the things she claimed, it makes her so bizarre that it should call into question anyone believing her." And yet Busch testified he believed Driscoll's exploits.

In other words, it's the quintessential spy novel, which if not already, will likely soon be a Hollywood movie.

Clarity on this is important in fully understanding childhood deprivation, which is the heart of the Grown Wounded Child GWC idea in this course and related guidebooks.

Busch also said Driscoll showed him pictures of bullet-ridden bodies, which she claimed to be responsible for their demise.

"The whole point of this and the evidence is not whether she is or isn't (an assassin), but that she portrayed that to Kurt and she did a lot of things during the relationship that made him believe her," Rusty Hardin, Busch's attorney, told SB Nation in a phone interview.

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A government-trained killing machine was dating a NASCAR champion, who, in open court, testified that his ex-girlfriend, "could take me down at any moment, because she is a badass," according to the Associated Press.