Dr drew39s lifechangers interracial dating debate gul panag dating

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Dr drew39s lifechangers interracial dating debate

The guy who knows everything, but is wrong often enough to keep us all guessing.

I enjoy the contrast of House and his cadre of young fresh faced colleagues, complete with starched white lab coats, who struggle as much with their professionally imposed constraints, and sense of decorum, as they do with his personality.

He is so full of himself as he spews his anger at Black women in general and his reasoning for turning his affection elsewhere. He’s got his nerve to chastise Black women with their “baby mama” mentality and their choice of loser men and he is one of them! If you have a brotha-man, you gotta have a sista-girl. My grandma always said they’d get stuck if I kept doing that. And to put icing on the cake, another sista comes on with the intention of “schooling” and “checking” Deena and needed to be checked herself.

And when another guest, Deena comes on with a humble apology (for what? And this chica came on with an air that “there are no intellectual Black men into what she’s into”. Why do we want to act a fool on each other in front of “company”… At any rate, what you have is not necessarily a race issue. Love is colorblind unless you are in a culture where you are set up with an arranged marriage and love may or may not eventually come.

it just rolls my skin, because it’s the superficialness of the Shallow Hals rather than value placement in good morals, intelligence, compassion.

Are these attributes not apparent in all types of women?

Black women can box themselves in making it nearly impossible for Black men to approach them with sincerity and good intentions. Where a White woman (and many women of other races) have always been put on pedestals and in protection status and have never, as a whole, had to fight against men under the same circumstance. While a great deal of that remains, women in general have gone through a paradigm shift and have been put on a pretty even playing field. He is no where near perfect, but doggone if the man doesn’t love me and take care of me and the four children we made time. I also like the advice relationship expert, Paul Carrick Brunson gave on the show: He suggests surrounding yourself with people in successful marriages.

Through the history of the experience of the Black woman, she has learned to distrust and armor up. Many women are objectified and dehumanized, made to feel less than any other woman, period. We need to teach our girls when they are young to expect nothing but the best. Where there is an great example, there is a greater possibility in patterning after that great example. Drew episode proved to be a bit of a hot mess, it also shows the heated debate of this sensitive subject has much to be reconciled.

The series follows the life of anti-social, pain killer addict, witty and arrogant medical doctor Gregory House with only half a muscle in his right leg.

But what I hear from Black women is the need to be validated. While I will in fairness say, that many Black men genuinely love whoever it is they end up with.

Here is my moment: Black women, although the most diverse in beauty and complex in understanding are the most under appreciated females on the planet. I am not 100% convinced that they were all heading into the situation with the blindness we’d all like to say they should have.

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