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Dougie poynter dating history

He has dated Frankie Sandford from the Saturdays but is currently in a relationship with Lara Crew-Jones, an artist.

Poynter dated Frankie Bridge (née Sandford) of The Saturdays from 2008-2010.

On the other hand, the bridegroom looked pretty smart with a matching white rose in the lapel of his wedding suit.

The ceremony consisted of famous faces like Katy Perry and her finance Orlando Bloom, royals like Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice, to name a few.

Sorry to disappoint anyone, but Ellie Goulding is off the market. The British songstress was recently spotted around London canoodling with musician Dougie Poynter.

Paparazzi snapped the maybe couple on a shopping excursion before the two headed back to their hotel.

One of Dougie's lifelong idols is Sir David Attenborough, and he's been lucky enough to have met him on a number of occasions.

The 31-year-old called him "the voice of God" and admitted that he "doesn't really want to talk about anything but nature".

Dougie Lee Poynter (born November 30, 1987) is an English musician, songwriter, fashion model, clothing designer, author, actor and philanthropist.He continued to praise the natural historian, gushing: "he’s everything you want him to be and more, words can’t describe how amazing that man is in the flesh."As festival season is now well underway, Dougie wanted to highlight how we as festival-goers can make a conscious effort to save the planet.He said: "One thing that really shocks me about festivals are how may tents are left behind, around 250,000 tents were left behind at festivals in the UK last year."More than 50 per cent of people have admitted to leaving their tents because they thought someone else would clean it up or it would go to charity and it doesn’t, it just ends up in a landfill."He even admitted that "it is a pain" to take down a tent at the end of festival: "he last thing you wanna do after four days at a festival when you’re hanging is take down a tent that you can’t fit back in the bag because nothing makes sense when you’re that hungover." Essex-born Dougie admits that "it’d be rad if that was a deposit place or a recycling centre when you’re leaving the festival" as he feels like "loads of people think this already happens and their tents will be donated to homeless shelters but they don’t."The Mc Fly is hot news on everyone's lips after Dougie let slip earlier this year that it was on the cards, however, when asked about it he coyly replied with: "I cannot confirm not deny that Mc Fly are back together".Read more: Mc Fly's Danny Jones admits he "misses his wife" since she gave birth to son Cooper His book, which is all about "making environmentalism and recycling sound not boring" is one of the many steps he's taking to try and tackle the younger generation's attitude towards plastic.When asked what inspired him to write the book, Dougie said: "I’ve always been interested in natural history ever since I was a kid."I’ve worked with WWF, gone to Africa and raised awareness with the gorillas and I’ve always done what I can."He continued: "I know it’s hard to break old habits but it'd be amazing if we could teach the younger generation of gatekeepers the same way as they’ve done in places like Germany where they’ve had it taught in their school systems since the 50s and 60s so they all just do it automatically."I try to be as optimistic as possible and I genuinely think we can make a difference if we change the way we think." When asked about what steps we can all take to help with our environmental impact, the philanthropist stated that it's important for us to cut our single-use plastic consumption: "if we cut it down by 20 per cent that’ll be enough for us to keep up with the amount the ocean is spitting back out at us".

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