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Davey havok jade puget dating

Though best known for their work with multi-platinum rock band AFI, Havok and Puget’s shared love of electronic music runs deep.

While even dancier than offers a dreamy quality less present on any previous release.” Havok says that Puget suggested the album title during the early part of the writing process and that he immediately fell in love with it.

The second half of the s saw the formation of bands in D.

Hardcore punk generally disavows commercialism, the music industry and anything similar to the characteristics of mainstream rock.

“We don’t really think about consciously evolving our sound,” says Puget. We started Blaqk Audio almost 18 years ago, so there have been lots of waves and trends in electronic music in those two decades.

the new album from the duo’s electronic alter ego, BLAQK AUDIO which will be released on the 15th March.

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