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Datingspark com

We tried to get her a bit of a life - to sign up for a book club or yoga classes or some such - but she always has a reason why she will hate it, or it won't work (the bus doesn't go there, the schedule is bad for her grocery shopping, "they don't like old people there").

Now, I think my husband has been pretty smart about the practicalities of it.

She has a sister and brother who are still alive (one each that have also passed away), but these people are very toxic.

I know them myself and I kind of despise them both for how badly they treat my MIL, but she also is pretty awful to them. My husband has one sibling, a younger brother who still lives at home and doesn't work. Over the years, more and more, she has wanted to talk to my husband on the phone and have him come for long visits (she lives quite far away, many hours on a plane).

The main difference with Spark can be summed up in one word - quality.

Unlike other sites, we manually screen every profile and photo before it goes live on the site.

But he give her one 30-minute call a day while he takes an walk, and never when I am around, and only on the weekdays - weekends are 100% for us.

Although he has been good about setting limits with her in many ways, I think it is slowly driving him insane and eating our marriage.

I can't think of viable options, so I'm hoping you all might have some ideas.

Now, I have made her sound like a bit of monster here, and I do think she can be manipulative, but I also agree that her life genuinely kind of sucks.

She is so very lonely without her husband and her terrible family just make it worse, as does living with her ungrateful son who treats her like his maid and refuses to talk to her except to give her orders.

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] became a widow shortly before my husband [m/35] and I [f/34] met six years ago.