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Though some will give out numbers, but often times it is just not to be rude.

Malls are usually the best place for day game but there aren’t great malls for it here.

When most guys go to Ukraine they hit up Kiev and maybe Odessa.

This post will tell you where to meet and date single girls in Lviv who are interested in having sex with or dating foreign men.

You may just want to locate yourself near some of the bigger universities and hang out in nearby parks or on the streets in those areas during the day.

Uni girls will be passing through and you can try to chat them up there.

The first being language, chatting up a girl who doesn’t speak your language is never easy, and many girls will ignore foreign men if they can’t reply.

However the nightlife is going to be one of your best options.

The nightlife in Lviv revolves much more around nightclubs than it does pick up bars.

There are some singles bars around, but for the most part Lviv girls are much more into clubbing.

King Cross Leopolis would probably be the best spot to meet women during the day but it is nothing special.

A couple others would be Shopping Center Roksolana and Skrynya.


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