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I'm very quickly getting the impression that my boyfriend [25M] of 9 days (holy shit, I looked down at the date, saw it had only been a little more than a week and my mind was blown) and I [26F] jumped the relationship/exclusivity gun and now I don't know what to do.Willst du im diesem Augenblick neue Leute kennenzulernen?Oder wollen Sie einfach mit jemandem über ein neutrales Thema zu chatten?We met exactly 1 month ago and have been carrying on a ridiculously fast-paced relationship: I guess what I'm after is advice on how to slow the relationship down before we crash and burn so hard. I think he's fun and I'd like to explore further, but I feel like we're reaching the end after only 9 days of exclusivity. It's just too intense and too fast on top of him making me feel insecure with his warning of taking me for granted, all the break-up talk, and of course the constant mentioning of other girls. I feel like I'm walking into trouble and want to slow the roll so when the dragon leaps onto the path, I can run away and not get burned.I've already caught myself wondering how I'll end things... Should I simply try to put more space between us seeing each other and/or our phone calls and texts? Help :(TL; DR: My [26F] relationship [9 days] with [25M] going down the drain faster than I can catch it. You don't tell someone after nine days that "if I ever lose interest in you, it's not me" or that you "take girlfriends for granted" or that other girls flirt with you.

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