Dating women in croydon and surrey after dating separation

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Dating women in croydon and surrey

According to John Corbet Anderson: "The earliest mention of Croydon is in the joint will of Beorhtric and Aelfswth, dated about the year 962.

In this Anglo-Saxon document the name is spelt [here he uses Old English characters] Crogdaene.

The church had been established in the middle Saxon period, and was probably a minster church, a base for a group of clergy living a communal life.

Croydon developed into one of the main market towns of north east Surrey.The town is unique in Greater London for its Tramlink light rail transport system.The early settlement of Old Town, including the parish church (marked B) lies to the west; while the triangular medieval marketplace, probably associated with Archbishop Kilwardby's market charter of 1276, is clearly visible further east, although by this date it has been infilled with buildings.More recently, David Bird has speculated that the name might derive from a personal name, Crocus: he suggests a family connection with the documented Chrocus, king of the Alemanni, who allegedly played a part in the proclamation of Constantine as emperor at York in AD 306.The town lies on the line of the Roman road from London to Portslade, and there is some archaeological evidence for small-scale Roman settlement in the area: there may have been a mansio (staging-post) here.

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