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- BTRluver Shape of My Heart I really love backstreet boys, so much. This should totally be the number one Backstreet Boys song!

It made me melt the first time I heard it, it's just so sweet.

Should be on top three I think this is their best song. And I'm not the only one, trust me Incomplete My fave Backstreet Boys song. When people think Backstreet Boys they think this song, this is their TRADEMARK song and it's an even better video than THRILLER by MJ! For me, this song will always be the best one, as it was the one that made me find out about the group.

very nice songawesome song a "must listen"excellent work backstreet boys Just a great song Quit Playing Games (With My Heart) The music is just awesome guys. The song has a very beautiful tone to it, they have other songs that are my favorite but this one is a spirit lifter in many ways. I think that without it's definitely their most memorable song.

Cheats Backstreet Boys Great Song, so lovely melody, smooth and powerful voices, Get Another Boyfriend It is a great pop song.

This is one of the best syncronysed song ever sung! Very nice song I love it Great song and greatly underrated!

And it will be played at my wedding, its truly a beautiful song, it can never be over played! Got to be in tpp 5 or 10 Good comeback of Backstreet Boys in 2013 with this mesmerising song that can elate anyone's face. The beats in the songs shows the joyful side of BB while the lyrics emits their magical touch! I just love this song very much Hi my name is Erin and I like this song. Another underrated song is We've Got It Going' On which is down in 27th at the moment.

It's a fresh, dynamic and romantic song, the video and music generate a good emotion is one of bestof backstreet boys!

This is one of their better songs I remember I had this song before, but I never actually listened to it.

has to be in the top ten - becoolking WHAT THE HELL!

According to my opinion this song is best of all songs of this band and I have listening it many times before, but now it took the first place. This will always be my favorite song This song is what hooked me to the backstreet boys.

I just put my player on shuffle and this song came up which was my only Backstreet Boys song I had at that moment and I was literally speechless when I first heard it. "And that is my story of how I found Backstreet Boys.

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- shouryat2b More Than That "More than that" is really THE best one.

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