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Dating site for sexless people

If you petition your partner at this early stage for certain leeway, there is the possibility that they will amplify what they consider to be acceptable physical contact.Maybe petting, mutual masturbation, or oral can be accommodated.” To arrive at an answer to that question you will need to pose a series of additional questions to yourself.Being sincere about your motives regarding where you wish to go with your partner is essential.Since you are the one who will be giving up a part of your life as significant and gratifying as sex for your partner, you are not out of line to ask yourself if they are serious about the relationship.Just because they choose not to engage in premarital sex does not mean that they are any more honest, sincere or truthful than anyone else.Obviously, there is always the possibility that things truly do not work out during the courtship and that you wind up breaking up.If that happens as part of the normal course of the relationship, painful as it may be, it is easier to accept.

Something to consider is how your partner defines “sexless.” Is that a complete state of chastity?

Is your physical contact to be limited solely to hand-holding and maybe a few kisses?

Knowing what the boundaries are beforehand is critical.

What is not cool is if your partner wasn’t 100 percent committed to the relationship from the beginning.

Tackling that topic by asking your partner directly will be awkward.

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Your partner will not appreciate it if they feel that you are applying conditions. You must present it only as something that you want them to consider and hopefully accept.

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