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Your day-to-day duties will be mentally taxing and affect your life outside of work.Jail guards oversee individuals who have been arrested and/or sentenced to jail.It's not uncommon for jail guards to see inmates killing each other, engaging in large-scale fights or setting their cells on fire.Some prisoners will harm themselves or commit suicide.They also shared pictures of themselves enjoying the break together online.The insider said: “The fact they are clearly an item and got together so quickly after they both left the jail makes it look like something may have gone on while she was working.

In this role, you'll deal with assaults, disturbances, fights and escape attempts on a regular basis.Some folk at the prison have stopped speaking to her."The last thing any guard needs is a pal who is with an ex-inmate.” Pictures posted on heavily tattooed Bunting’s Instagram account show the pair cuddling beside a pool with the caption: “Best two weeks of my life ever.” We revealed last week how an untrained manager had to secure inmates because of staff shortages.Be prepared to deal with convicted criminals, mentally deranged inmates and drug addicts coming off a high.According to a 2018 report published in being a jail guard is considered one of the riskiest professions.

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They usually work in eight-hour shifts but must be available on weekends and holidays if necessary. In general, they're required to supervise prisoner interactions, perform regular checks, serve meals to inmates and document their behavior.

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