Dating native american girls

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Dating native american girls

If the matrilineage liked the idea, they would send word back to the boy's matrilineage.However, although they arranged the marriages, the girl had final word, and her consent was required."Southeastern Indians' favorite places for sexual episodes were corn cribs, corn fields, and bean patches." (Page 198).In a way your biological father was just the person that happened to be having sex with your mother.Many cultures with this matrilineal kinship system do not recognize the role of sex in making babies.Sorry, in a rush, perhaps I'll stealthily edit later.

Your mother's brother was basically your father and the most important person in your life.The Cherokee people were divided into 7 clans: "Wild Potato" "Long Hair" "Deer" "Blue" "Wolf" "Bird" and "Paint." Every village was made up of representatives and households from each of these 7 clans.So in theory, everyone would have 5 clans to choose from when choosing a husband or wife. There was a folk belief that simultaneous orgasm by both partners was required and that the effects of such might linger quite a while before the actual pregnancy would begin.If she chose to marry him, she cooked the deer meat and offered it to him.If she rejected the deer meat, it was assumed to be a denial of this suitor."Cherokee were matrilineal, meaning children were NOT part of their father's family.

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The "volatile" influences of semen / bodily fluids might be a better choice of words--such fluids on their own aren't unclean, but in the wrong contextual mix their influence becomes unpredictable and potential harmful.

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