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"If you have a cute outfit on and you could potentially see yourself wearing it to the club, that's a good indication that you should Caitlin Bergstein, a Boston-based matchmaker with Three Day Rule, agreed.

"This includes a low cut or revealing top and a short skirt, dress, or shorts.

Cruz pointed out that dressing appropriately for the occasion and location is important.

Meeting a significant other's parents for the first time is an exciting –but incredibly nerve-racking –experience.All parents want to protect their children, so don't give them a reason to think they need to protect their kin from you.Personal stylist Rayne Parvis agreed and suggested wearing something that "exudes trust, femininity, and loyalty." Athleisure wear is all the rage, and you might think that wearing your best gym clothes to meet your significant other's parents will send a signal that you care about your health and taking care of your body.I’ve had to change my expectations for the relationship between my parents and my in-laws but, to be honest, the reality works just fine."I think that all of us have that myth," says Leslie Parrott, Ph.

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Elaine Turner, a Houston-based designer who also runs a styling program in 20 states, emphasized that "what you wear is another form of communication.

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