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The engines that were offered for the 1963 Corvette included three carbureted versions; a 250-, 300-, and 340-horsepower variants, as well as a 360-horsepower fuel-injected powerhouse engine, which was made available to consumers for an extra 0.40.As in the 1962 Corvette before it, the base and step-up engine units utilized hydraulic lifters, a mild cam, a forged-steel crankshaft, 10.5:1 engine compression, a single-point distributor, and a dual exhaust system.

Even more impressive than the wait was that many of these customers paid full retail price for the “privilege” of being the first to own a 1963 Corvette.DID YOU KNOW: The original 1963 Sting Ray Coupe is considered to be one of the most collectible Corvettes of all time because of its unique split rear window design.Surprisingly, many split-window coupes were modified by customizers, some of whom replaced the small, individual panes of glass with a one-piece window made of Plexiglass.The Sting Ray had a newly designed chassis that featured a shorter wheelbase and a faster “Ball-Race” steering (a name that was developed by the ad copy (advertisement) writers in 1963,) both of which attributed to providing the car with improved maneuverability and handling.While having a shorter wheelbase might normally imply a choppier ride, the design of the C2 partially compensated for this by redistributing the weight of the car from front to rear.

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Given its improved and re-imagined styling from the C1, and the impressive advancements made to the car’s performance and handling, there had been no doubt that the second-generation Corvette would be a triumph.

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