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The outcome that you will have seen is that the conference continues.

The next event in this conference is a meeting that will take place next Wednesday, where senior civil servants will come together from the same parties to start working on specific ideas, specific possible options, possible proposals, not to negotiate but to prepare the ground for a structured final discussion between the principals at the very high political level, which will take place later.

We moved from there to a working lunch where we went more into the actual substance of the issues.

It was a good exchange, it was an open and frank exchange, and it was an exchange that confirmed to us all two things: first that there are difficult issues to overcome, but secondly that there is a will to overcome them from all the participants and all the people present at that lunch.

We had a very good series of opening statements that I listened to very carefully.Both sides are raising certain concerns: they are saying we might get a good deal on paper, but how do we know that these things will actually happen.Both sides have certain things that they want to secure, assure or safeguard.The sense of security that Cypriots, be they Greek Cypriots or Turkish Cypriots need to feel, is not only related to issues of a military nature.The first line of defense, in many ways, in my view based on the inputs we have been having over the last day: the first level is the deal itself, the ability to say that the federal constitution is credible, that it will last, that it will work, that people are created equally and that their rights are protected under the constitution.

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I would like to say a few words on what the discussion is all about because I think that is crucial. We are close to conclusion, but we haven’t completely concluded here because there are issues in those five chapters that can only be finally closed when we know what is happening also on the sixth chapter, which is security and guarantees.

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