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Minos prayed for an Ox that he could offer to Poseidon.

His prayer was answered by a glorious white creature that came from the sea.

If in your Spirit Animal meditation Bull’s big eyes stare into your own, don’t be afraid. But when you need him, Ox will be there to help you move mountains. Ox or Bull as a Totem Animal is a rugged symbol of strength and sacrifice. However, when Bull reaches the boiling point, it’s best to stay as far away from them as possible.

Finally, the Ox or Bull Spirit Animal teaches teamwork. When faced with hard tasks, Ox provides endurance (remember the story of Paul Bunyan and the Blue Ox? Bear in mind, however, that Ox energy will not allow procrastination. Ox or Bull totems also support applied learning, joint efforts and creating stable environments. The storm blows over quickly but it’s quite the maelstrom until Bull’s anger passes Often times our Totem Animal is already assigned to us at birth, as in the case of Zodiac Signs.

Bull (or Ox) as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal can help!

Bull or Ox teaches you how to bear hard burdens all with grace and poise.

Ox or Bull is an excellent Power Animal for men or anyone wishing to better understand Yang energies.

Soon thereafter Poseidon punished Crete for Minos’ selfishness.Unfortunately, Ox offerings were not uncommon in the ancient world.People (including the Druids) believed that this creature’s vital essence gave fertility to the earth.In working with Ox energies you may find yourself drawn to volunteer work, and it’s a great way to change attitudes.In charitable work you see that the grass is not always greener. Sometimes, when a spirit feels weak – like maybe their own internal battery isn’t strong enough to withstand this world – Ox shows up to tell them that they are made of tougher stuff than they currently believe. Look at the gentleness behind the obvious physical powerhouse. You can remain kind and walk this earth in gentleness.

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Sadly, Oxen were also sacrificed to the ocean gods like Poseidon and Thor.