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Between 19, the Soviet Union delivered 170 million tons of oil, 13 million tons of grain, and 300,000 trucks, cars and tractors to Cuba.

While Cuba’s dependence on the Soviet Union was growing, the latter began to gradually disassociate itself from the island. Both countries decided to keep this strategic shift secret.

Castro’s political shift could be seen as one of economic necessity.

After the revolution, the Cuban middle class, dissatisfied with the new leadership’s political course, fled Cuba.

S.-dollar credit at a very low interest (2.5 %) and promised to sell oil to Cuba below world market prices.

This enabled Cuba to once again rely on its sugar industry to buoy the Cuban economy because of Russia’s guarantee of a stable market and further economic aid.

Years after the collapse of the Soviet Union and the associated termination of cooperation and a strong alliance between Cuba and Russia, both states are now working overtime to revive the relationship which once brought the world to the brink of nuclear war when the Soviet Union covertly installed nuclear missiles on the Caribbean island.

It is hardly surprising that Russia’s attempts to revive its relationship with the former ally are being closely monitored by the U.

Thereafter, Cuba focused almost completely on trade with the Soviet Union and the other socialist countries by the late 1980s.

This alliance led to the most serious confrontation during the Cold War when Soviet and Cuban governments placed nuclear missiles on Cuban soil in 1962.

In the 1980s, Cuban dependence on the Soviet Union increased due to falling global oil prices between 19.

In attempting to topple the Castro-Regime, the United States slashed its sugar quota for Cuba which heavily affected the Cuban economy.

This measure did not result in a desired change in Cuban leadership, but effectively moved the island much closer politically to Moscow.

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In 1952, Batista Cuba again broke off its relationship with Moscow due to Russia’s communist affiliation.