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Best thing to do is change the subject and move on.

One and Done Do not, I repeat, do not send multiple messages back to back.

In this day and age, the way we communicate on screen — whether through text or internet — can directly influence the way a person will perceive us.

Not only in what we say, but in the timing of our responses.

She became nothing but a name scrawled across my phone.

We got along in person, but our virtual personalities completely clashed.

I know it’s hard to resist; it’s awful to be left hanging.I attempted to keep it going — we actually started to text in Hebrew, which was kind of cute — but the chemistry just wasn’t there.We eventually put our phones down and went our separate ways.There wasn’t necessarily a lot of substance in our conversation, but there was a lot of chemistry.We both walked away from our meeting in the mall happy, but afterward the relationship turned into a total dud.

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