Creating and updating life goals speed dating wilmington nc

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Creating and updating life goals

Become a software entrepreneur Achieved (2013, Goals Software) 40. 52 weeks of socializing Achieved (2007, Australia) 52.Have a long-term loving relationship Achieved (2007-2008, 2011-2014) 53.Create an online course Achieved (2013, Jumpstart Your Dream Year) 30.Write a full-length book Achieved (2016, One Year to Freedom, 500 Pages) 31.Write and launch an email series Achieved (2012, Fully Lived email series) 28.Interview 100 inspirational people Achieved (2013, 100 interviews) 29.

Become a business coach Achieved (2011, Coaching) 49.

Get down to single digit body fat % Achieved (2011, ~9% body fat) 7. Do 100 days of consecutive running Achieved (2012) 9.

Train for a marathon in 4 Weeks Achieved (Melbourne Marathon, 2012) 10. Become financially independent Achieved (2009, financially free - * enough passive income to cover my lifestyle expenses) 16. Make a long-term gold investment (10K) Achieved (2011) 18.

Participate in a 10-day Vipassana meditation retreat Achieved (2009, Vipassana in India, 2016, 10 days in Israel) 34.

Help a business in a developing country Achieved (2010 - Helping Helped building a Spanish school in Bolivia) 35.

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Diversify income from at least five sources Achieved (2013, e Books, coaching, ads, software, courses, consultancy, online services) Click here to get my FREE e Book, The Great Bucket List – 3000 ideas to do before you die my Design Your Dream Year workbook which contains a proven step-by-step action plan to help you check off each of those big goals on your list. Graduate from an international university Achieved (2006, Masters degree, Monash University, Australia) 22. Become an international public speakeer Achieved (2007, Singapore; 2008, Las Vegas; 2009, Prague; 2010, Vancouver) 24.

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