Colton haynes dating holland roden teen and dating relationship

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He was born to Dana Denise Mitchell and William Clayton Haynes in Andale, Kansas where he grew up on a farm alongside five siblings out of which he is the youngest.

Aside from his place of birth, he has equally lived in Arkansas, New Mexico, Texas and Florida where he attended Navarre High School, however, constant relocation also saw him attend Andale High School in Kansas and eventually finished from Samuel Clemens High School in Schertz, Texas.

In 2012, Colton Haynes decided to tap into his prowess as a singer and started by appearing in music videos like Leona Lewis’s The actor is one of those who had a hard time facing who they really are in terms of sexuality.

Before he made his sexual orientation public, Haynes went through bouts of anxiety which lasted for years.

All these appearances added a lot to the overall size of his net worth.

His career in modeling as well as his career as an actor has earned him a big part of his wealth over time.

Singing and sports were what made him tick during his days in high school, however, Colton Haynes later shifted his interest to modelling and finally ended up as an actor.

The decision to focus on acting was a good one for Haynes who has continued to ascend the ladder of success in both film and television.

In 2007, Colton also managed to transfer his skills to acting, earning his debut role of cafe kid in the film “Transformers” (2007), which was followed by roles in the TV series “CSI: Miami” and “The Hills”.

Later in the same year, he was in auditions for the role of Edward Cullen in the film “Twilight”, but Robert Pattinson eventually won the role.

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Additional to this, Colton has appeared in several music videos, and these have also added to his net worth.

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