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Posted by / 25-Sep-2019 03:19

They also provide chat rooms where you can join in existing chat sessions to chat with TV & TS members and admirers from all over the world.

No one likes surprises – crossdressers don’t want to find out that their crush is crushed to find out about their kink, and unwitting dates may be turned off to discover their man is also wearing Victoria’s Secret.

Jason has spoken about chastity to more than one million people around the world and is the author of more than a dozen books.

Meeting a Crossdresser or Someone who Will Indulge Your Crossdressing Fetish Over the years I have received questions from crossdressing men about how to meet new partners who are open to their predilection for wearing women’s clothing and lingerie.

Dressing up may be therapeutic to many people which is not uncommon.

Being A Crossdresser is not a mental illness although it has been cited as such including those in the mental health field.

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