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His insecurity about his size and status makes him discontented with the World State.

Bernard’s surname recalls Karl Marx, the nineteenth-century German author best known for writing Capital, a monumental critique of capitalist society. Helmholtz Watson - An Alpha lecturer at the College of Emotional Engineering, Helmholtz is a prime example of his caste, but feels that his work is empty and meaningless and would like to use his writing abilities for something more meaningful.

He also keeps a collection of forbidden literature in his safe, including Shakespeare and religious writings.

The name Mond means “world,” and Mond is indeed the most powerful character in the world of this novel. Fanny Crowne - Lenina Crowne’s friend (they have the same last name because only about ten thousand last names are in use in the World State).

Linda could not get an abortion on the Reservation, and she was too ashamed to return to the World State with a baby.

Her World State–conditioned promiscuity makes her a social outcast.

He doesn't "fit the mold" of being with tons of different women, partially because they don't want to be with him, and because he doesn't enjoy group activities because of his rejection and being made fun of.

We see this later on when he becomes--briefly--very popular, and hooks up with as many women as he possibly can, and seems to enjoy every bit of it.

Bernard's unusual cravings for solitude with the women he meets, conversation, and a deeper level of emotional connection, stems mostly from his dismay and disappointment at being ostracized in his society.

Henry Foster - One of Lenina’s many lovers, he is a perfectly conventional Alpha male, casually discussing Lenina’s body with his coworkers.

His success with Lenina, and his casual attitude about it, infuriate the jealous Bernard. While visiting the New Mexico Savage Reservation, she became pregnant with the Director’s son.

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During a storm, she got lost, suffered a head injury and was left behind.

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