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Mickey just wants to enjoy a quiet night alone in the forest. Both Gallaghers take to drinking at the Alibi, resulting in Ian making a terrible mistake. His family doesn't realize what's wrong with him yet.When their paths cross, it sets off a chain of events that will alter the course of their lives inexorably. Does Ian's actions ruin his relationship with his older brother? Lip tries to confront him and finds a last resort solution to keeping him safe from himself.Both parts of the series take place at roughly the same time.Prompt: Mickey is the nerd of the school, top of the class, and his boyfriend is the quarterback of the school's football team.Speaking of the Gallaghers, Ian's pretty sweet, isn't he?AU where gallavich are roommates and fall in love again in a different universe.

ANDREW "Drew" JONAH has suffered through a lot during his time in the foster-care system.

But, as always, in order to relish in sweet love they must go through obstacles.

Personal and past issues haunting them, the pain they endured preventing them to delve deep. Would they really go against all the signs and overlook the past for each other, for him?

Sometime later, her moved back to Manchester but avoided both his family and the estate until a chance meeting with his father in the episode "Grandaddy Gallagher".

During the first series, Lip is in a relationship with schoolmate Karen Jackson.

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A quiet night under the full moon has more consequences than anyone could have anticipated.