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Bawe dating site

function urlsafe_b64encode($string) function urlsafe_b64decode($string) Php version of perl's MIME:: Base64:: URLSafe, that provides an url-safe base64 string encoding/decoding (compatible with python base64's urlsafe methods) Unfortunately my "function" for encoding base64 on-the-fly from 2007 [which has been removed from the manual in favor of this post] had 2 errors!The first led to an endless loop because of a missing "$feof"-check, the second caused the rare mentioned errors when encoding failed for some reason in larger files, especially when setting fgets($fh, 2) for example.* * See RFC 3548 for the definition of URL-safe base64.* If $n is not specified, Secure:: RANDOM_LENGTH is assumed. * * @param int $n Specifies the length of the random string * @param bool $padding * @return string The result may contain A-Z, a-z, 0-9, "-" and "_". */ Note that at least some Windows systems will not print a line of characters longer than a certain length unless it has line breaks of some kind.When you want to de-obfuscate, convert back from base64.If the prefix is not in your pseudorandom source, then the value is forged.But lower values then 1024 are bad overall because they slow down the whole process, so 4096 will be fine for all purposes, I guess. Here comes the corrected version which I have tested for all kind of files and length (up to 4,5 Gb!

Use the function below to turn base64 encoded strings to bare alphabets (get rid of / and characters as well) /** * Generates a random URL-safe base64 string.

In PHP 7, the padding issue with base64_decode() is no more - the following is totally fine:function base64_encode_url($string) function base64_decode_url($string) Checked here with random_bytes() and random lengths: Es4o Base64 encoding of large files.

Base64 encoding converts triples of eight-bit symbols into quadruples of six-bit symbols.

This encoding is designed to make binary data survive transport through transport layers that are not 8-bit clean, such as mail bodies.

Base64-encoded data takes about 33% more space than the original data.

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  1. The best way to move forward would be to ask your employer if there is a specific reason for back dating it; it may be that your employer simply put the start date of the project because it's standard operating procedure for NDAs and they haven't really considered that there's a ~2 year gap.