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PATELCO had a capitalization ratio of 10.00 percent in our test, below the average for all credit unions, suggesting that it could be less resilient in a crisis than its peers.

In this test, Bankrate tries to determine the impact of problem assets, such as unpaid mortgages, on the credit union's loan loss reserves and overall capitalization.

Like any major purchase, doing your homework can help make it easier to get a loan for a used or new vehicle.

Before you begin to compute payments and look at exciting new car models, it's a good idea to determine exactly how much money you can afford to spend on your next vehicle.

One sign that the credit union is beating its peers in this area was its earnings ratio of 0.00 percent in our test, better than the average for all credit unions.'s Safe & Sound Ratings provide a star rating system to evaluate the current financial status of financial institutions.

Conversely, losses reduce a credit union's ability to do those things.

On Bankrate's earnings test, PATELCO scored 18 out of a possible 30, beating out the national average of 10.11.

Keep reading for an analysis of how the credit union faired on the three major criteria Bankrate used to score American credit unions.The information gathered about banks, credit unions and thrifts is updated as set forth in the Terms of Use of Safe & Sound Ratings and Reports.The Safe & Sound Ratings information is grouped by categories of banks, thrifts and credit unions.If you let the excitement of car buying take over, you may end up with a car payment that makes it impossible for you to afford other fun things like vacations or new outfits.There's no doubt about it; owning a car can be expensive.

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