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This movie also has Alan Ladds son David Ladd, Dean Jagger, James Westerfield , Cecil Kellaway , Henry Hull , Harry Dean Stanton , Tom Pittman, John Carradine, King the dog.

This is a story of Alan Ladd as John Chandler trying to find a cure for his son losing his speach.

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She's mesmerizing onscreen but it's a very passive-aggressive sort of sexuality, like she's sleep-walking through the character.Veronica's peek-a-boo hairdo was a sensational fad, copied by young women in the early 1940s, even referenced and parodied in contemporary films like The Major and the Minor and Best Foot Forward.As most of you probably know, she changed the look when the US government told her that Rosie the Riveters sporting the look were in danger of catching their hair in war-time factory machinery.They're co-starred with two men who were bigger stars than either of them at the time, Robert Preston and Laird Cregar, both of whom were fin actors.But you can't look at anyone besides Ladd and Lake.

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At age five, he burned his apartment playing with matches, and his mother moved them to Oklahoma City.

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