300 year history internet dating

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For online daters, mobile offers a fundamentally different experience, one that in several ways offers a superior answer to problems the industry has been struggling with since its inception.

One of those problems is the stigma that continues to cling to the practice despite its arrival in the mainstream.

What users want isn’t more or better matches on the screen, says Yagan.

If people are already using their phones as credit cards, gaming consoles and movie theaters, it stands to reason they’d become matchmakers, too.

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Brimming with geeky energy, he has a nervous habit of taking off his wedding ring and spinning it while he talks.

(Perhaps it’s his way of getting in the mindset of his consumers; somewhat famously, all four OK Cupid founders met their wives offline.) As much math project as matchmaking service, OK Cupid prides itself on its ability to coax meaning out of big data sets.

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If people think online dating is for losers, it’s partly because the experience of it makes them feel like losers.

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