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My thinking in a conversation like that would always be less critical than it is in my current research process.Any lie or inconsistency that I would have noticed if I read it in a book, I may not notice if it’s spoken to me by a person who was really nice to me.I do have several more reasons that I don’t even really need to get into but the gist of it is, if there’s not enough publicly available information from good sources, then I almost certainly have no business trying to tell that story anyway. [UPDATE (May 14, 2018): I have been contacted by one of Don Rich’s sons, Vic, who told me that he is the author of that blog comment I found.

Not so much because of what’s in these episodes – quite the opposite – and not really from fans of the podcast but from musicians on the Bakersfield scene (or those close to them) who are checking this podcast out for the first time just to see if they’re finally going to get their due, if they’re finally going to get to hear their name included in the story.Dear Gentlemen, On our website ,you can date online!There are a lot of single men and single Ukrainian women now, but it is not the best life style.Because, we touched on a lot of behind-the-scenes mechanics of the music industry and those will keep coming into play in the future.On the other hand, right now, as I’m writing these Liner Notes, last week’s episode has not even gone public.

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Bob (an engineer) asked my mom if we ever got an insurance settlement from the wheel manufacturer. We used to say, if he had to go, this isn’t the worst way.

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